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Uniting Communities

• Confidential counselling, advice, advocacy and support for women and children experiencing family and domestic violence • Support for men wanting to address their use of family and domestic violence and build healthier relationships.
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Uniting Communities is an inclusive not-for-profit organisation working alongside more than 80,000 South Australians each year.

For more than 120 years, we’ve been creating positive change for South Australian communities. We help people in need find the courage to move forward through enriching their lives and uniting the communities in which they live.

Our work includes advocating for systems change across diverse social justice issues to shape public and social policy that delivers better outcomes for marginalised communities.

We provide vital services to support women and children who are experiencing domestic and family violence (DFV). These include:

·      Individual and family counselling services

·      Escaping Violence Payment (EVP) program

·      Independent and confidential legal advice and representation

·      Support groups, resources, and information for people impacted by DFV.

We also offer tailored counselling and support groups to support men who want to address their use of anger or violence and build healthier, more respectful relationships.

Through these specialist services and our advocacy work, Uniting Communities is committed to promoting a gendered understanding of violence and reducing the prevalence DFV in our community.

Uniting Communities links and resources:

·      Services for women experiencing violence or feeling controlled

·      Services for men who want to do something about their use of anger or violence

·      Know the signs of DFV and coercive control

·      Escaping Violence Payment

·      DFV legal advice and support

·      Personal and family counselling

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